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Palms West Veterinary Hospital 556 Folsom Road Loxahatchee FL (561) 275-5428Are you looking for a well-educated vet in Loxahatchee, FL? If so, you can dial (561) 275-5428 for Palms West Veterinary Hospital & 24 Hour Emergency & Critical Care. We are a state of the art animal hospital where you can bring pets to receive high quality pet healthcare services throughout every stage of their lives.

Our Loxahatchee vet is available 24 hours a day for emergency veterinary care, so you can always find help from our team when your pet is sick or hurt. We will use animal x-rays and other advanced diagnostic techniques to get to the bottom of your pet’s health issues so that we can determine the best method of treatment. Bring dogs and cats to us for flea and tick treatments if they are being bothered by these kinds of parasites. We also specialize in surgical procedures like spaying and neutering and will always take the proper safety measures during each surgery. Veterinary dentistry is another one of our specialties, so bring your pet in for teeth cleanings to guard against oral disease.

The call to make when you need to reach a vet in Loxahatchee, FL is to (561) 275-5428, the number for Palms West Veterinary Hospital & 24 Hour Emergency & Critical Care. We offer a complete list of services ranging from administering pet vaccinations to offering advice about diet and nutrition. Get the answers you have been looking for regarding your pet’s health by calling our veterinarians today.

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Vet in Loxahatchee, FL
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