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Vet 10570 Loveland-Madeira Road Loveland OH 45140 (513) 900-2189When you need to reach a qualified vet in Loveland, OH, all you have to do is dial (513) 900-2189 and talk to Pet Care Animal Hospital. We offer compassionate pet wellness care for dogs, cats, birds and various exotic pets. From emergency pet care, to geriatric veterinary care, to animal microchipping, we can provide a complete range of useful services.
Our Loveland vet facility is equipped with its own veterinary diagnostic laboratory where we will do blood work or examine your pet’s urine and feces for signs of illness. We also have onsite veterinary ultrasound and x-ray capabilities. Our veterinary radiology experts are board certified and trained in the latest and most effective techniques available.
Pet vaccinations can help save animals from many types of harmful, disease-spreading organisms. Visit us to learn which vaccines are right for your pet based on their age, breed and medical history. We specialize in comprehensive feline veterinary care, so cat owners should make us their go-to source for solutions to cat health problems.
Get the best in pet health care from a veterinary hospital that cares by bringing animals to Pet Care Animal Hospital. Reach us at (513) 900-2189 and make an appointment with a vet in Loveland, OH with plenty of experience and lots of love for animals. Call our office today for more information.

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Vet in Loveland, OH
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