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Bloom Animal Hospital 31205 Five Mile Road Livonia MI (734) 245-9650Make an appointment for a vet in Livonia, MI at the Bloom Animal Hospital by calling (734) 245-9650 and let us handle the needs of all your pets. Your animal's health and appearance should never be taken for granted, nor should its general well-being. Besides your typical declawing and animal flea control procedures, we want to see that your animal is provided with regular health checkups to avoid troubles down the road.

Whether you need help with larger breeds of animals, or if you need a small animal vet to take care of the tiniest mouse, we are on hand to help. We are happy to offer a large selection of veterinary medical specialties for whatever species or breed of pet you own. Call for information on our veterinary dentistry procedures for a happier pet with a great smile.

Our Livonia veterinarians also offer animal microchipping or RFID procedures which are proven effective in finding lost pets. If serious illness requires veterinary euthanasia, rest assured that we will do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

So when you need a vet in Livonia, MI, just make a call to Bloom Animal Hospital at (734) 245-9650 and put the care of your pet's health into the hands of a vet who cares as much as you do. Pick up the phone and call now to schedule an appointment for spaying, neutering, or just to schedule a regular medical checkup with an animal professional.

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Vet in Livonia, MI
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