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Physical Therapy 19809 Farmington Road Livonia MI 48152 (248) 579-9333Gain a reliable program for physical therapy in Livonia, MI by entrusting your health to accomplished physical therapists. Performax Physical Therapy at (248) 579-9333 offers a personalized hands-on approach to physical rehabilitation and curative occupational therapy. We provide comprehensive evaluations and introduce therapeutic exercise routines that encompass various treatment modalities, including restorative manual therapy.
Damage to the nervous system can result in residual musculoskeletal pain that may limit your ability to rehabilitate effectively. The neurological rehabilitation program offered at our Livonia physical rehabilitation facility can often improve motor function and reduce painful neural symptoms. Our physical therapists have years of experience helping patients meet their wellness goals through recuperative treatment regimens that provide lasting chronic pain relief.
Along with neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, we offer personalized occupational therapy to treat a variety of hand and upper extremity abnormalities. Our progressive treatment protocols include therapeutic exercise programs as well as integrated wellness training to maximize function and improve quality of life. Whether you need post-athletic injury sports medicine or occupational therapy, consult with our highly trained physiotherapists first.
Choose experienced physical therapists to improve your health and wellbeing by dialing (248) 579-9333 for Performax Physical Therapy. Become more motivated to reach your goals with physical therapy in Livonia, MI that promotes progressive healing. Call today to schedule an appointment with our facility.

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Physical Therapy in Livonia, MI
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