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Physical Therapy 6 West Newport Road Lititz PA 17543Are you searching for injury physical therapy in Lititz, PA for athletic injuries?  The Rehab Center at (717) 742-5455 is here to help you through a sports injury rehabilitation program that we will personalize to your needs.  A quick call to the number above puts you in touch with a sports injury specialist able to evaluate and treat your problem today.
More serious sports injuries, such as broken ankles or ACL tears, take longer to rehabilitate and heal.  If you sustain such a serious injury you should seek help from a physical therapist that will offer one-on-one postsurgical rehabilitation treatments to aid your speedy recovery.  A call to our Lititz physical therapy center will take care of this and all other sports medicine services.
Dr. Charlie Eberling and the rest of our staff will help you with a wide range of physical health concerns.  We offer orthopedic care to reduce pain and swelling in arthritic joints along with workers comp rehab plans with return-to-work conditioning.  Are you in pain every single day?  Ask about our chronic pain management programs to treat a wide array of pain-causing diseases or conditions by calling now.
When you need in-depth physical therapy in Lititz, PA personalized to your specific problem, The Rehab Center can help.  We care about providing the highest level of care for all our patients.  Call (717) 742-5455 and let Dr. Eberling help you today.

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Physical Therapy in Lititz, PA
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