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Tutor 3601 Hampstead Turnpike Levittown NY 11756 (516) 261-2529When you need a reading tutor in Levittown, NY, call Sylvan Learning Center at (516) 261-2529 and you will have made the right choice, selecting the firm with over three decades of success in the field. Our tutoring center offers the widest selection of tutoring services and a GED tutor program that will help your child obtain a high school diploma equivalent certificate.

With your teen heading for college soon, our SAT prep and ACT prep courses will be their best friend, enabling them to take the tough college entrance exams with confidence. Using our math tutor, your student can successfully get through a conceptual logjam in algebra or geometry and get their grades in school back to an acceptable level. Our test prep programs prepare your child for taking test after test in order to do well with no test anxiety. With our private tutoring embracing a one on one approach, your child will benefit much faster than in a standard classroom environment.

No one wants to lag behind in assignments and your child will blossom in many areas when they feel confident about their abilities in school. We have evenings and weekends services so that your child can get the tutoring they need when it is convenient for them. For the best tutor in Levittown, NY, call Sylvan Learning Center at (516) 261-2529 today.

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Tutor in Levittown, NY
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