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Physical Therapy 337 W Main Street Leola PA 17540 (717) 553-4701Are you in pain?  Relief through physical therapy in Leola, PA is available through The Rehab Center at (717) 553-4701.  Rafal Kryzanski is a physical therapist with more than a decade of experience offering manual therapy options to relieve musculoskeletal pains all over the body.  Whether you have a sore shoulder, an aching back, or pain anywhere else, here is where you should call first.
Working every single day can leave you dealing with quite a bit of muscle pain, especially in hard labor occupations.  If you require workers comp rehab or just want relief from day-to-day muscle pains you should call a Leola physical therapy provider able to help.  Rafal offers hands-on soft tissue therapy to relieve muscle pains from overuse or injury.
A call here will help you find unmatched physical and neuro rehabilitation services personalized to your specific needs.  You can call Rafal for orthopedic care including sports medicine therapies for a sprained ankle or get aid with many painful conditions from chronic headaches to sciatica.  Just dial the number below to arrange chronic pain and injury rehab programs today.
When you need physical therapy in Leola, PA to relieve body aches and pains, The Rehab Center can help.  We offer personalized attention to create a treatment plan that fits only you.  Call us at (717) 553-4701 to begin a PT program now.

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Physical Therapy in Leola, PA
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