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Physical Therapy 550 North 12th Street Lemoyne PA 17043 (717) 614-1096First Choice Rehabilitation offers physical therapy in Lemoyne, PA to help with many health concerns.  Just dial (717) 614-1096 and we’ll offer aid with vestibular rehabilitation to deal with vertigo and other dizziness issues, along with treatments to better manage everyday aches and pains.  Were you hurt at work?  Then call here to arrange a personalized injury rehab plan.
Tendonitis, more often known as tennis elbow, is one of those sports injuries where the pain can nag you for months on end.  The best way to deal with these is to call Lemoyne physical therapy clinics with a sports injury specialist on staff.  When it comes to sports medicine treatments, we have the people and equipment to offer unmatched care.
Stuart Basom is a physical therapist dedicated to helping his patients find relief from pain no matter its cause.  He offers orthopedic rehabilitation services including postoperative programs after joint replacement and repair surgeries.  Did you get hurt on the job?  Call about rehab programs that including return-to-work conditioning that get you back in the proper shape for your job.
Get in touch with experts in physical therapy in Lemoyne, PA by calling First Choice Rehabilitation.  We’ll help you get back on your feet by rehabbing injuries and offering pain management treatments.  A call to (717) 614-1096 will get you the therapy you need.

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Physical Therapy in Lemoyne, PA
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