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Tutor 4920 Legends Dr Ste 200 Lawrence KS (317) 528-9959When you’re searching for a professional tutor in Lawrence, KS, Sylvan Learning Center at (317) 528-9959 is where to call first.  We offer a wide range of private tutoring programs for kids in pre-kindergarten through high school.  Whether you want a reading tutor to help a young child with vocabulary or SAT prep tutoring for older students, ours is the number to dial.

If your kid has difficulties in math class it will be very easy for them to fall behind, especially in advanced classes.  To help them catch up you should look up a math tutor that offers algebra, geometry and pre-calculus tutoring services.  Ours is a full service tutoring center able to provide you with a Lawrence tutor specializing in all branches of mathematics.

Whether you want to find tutors in mathematics and reading or desire assistance with ACT prep and other test prep tutoring, we can help.  Using the Sylvan Insight™ process we identify why your kid is having problems learning then develop and present lesson plans designed to get them through said problems.  Do you plan on taking a GED test?  We can provide you with a GED tutor to review necessary materials.

The first and only call to make for a tutor in Lawrence, KS is to Sylvan Learning Center.  With our experience and proven methods we’re able to help kids of all ages.  A single call to (317) 528-9959 gets you details on available tutoring options.

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Tutor in Lawrence, KS
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