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Tutor 9330 W. Sahara Ave. Ste 130 Las Vegas NV 89117 (919) 600-7051The only tutor in Las Vegas, NV that makes sense is Sylvan Learning Center. Dial (702) 706-0129 for a free consultation to learn how we can help your struggling child. If your student is failing his class or any subject, our tutoring services can provide the transformation you are seeking.

Specializing in helping children develop the skills, habits and attitudes that will ensure their scholastic success, our Las Vegas tutoring center is available for your child. Whether your child is Pre-K age or in high school, we offer the private tutoring that will make the difference. No parent wants to see the pain on the face of a child with a poor report card. Our math tutor can bring up your child’s math grade. You can trust our reading tutor to open the door to reading at or above your student’s grade level.

We specialize in preparing your high school child for getting into the college of their choice. As the competition can be stiff and rely on the best ACT or SAT scores, we offer professional assistance. Our learning center provides reliable SAT prep techniques to prepare your student for their testing. We also offer ACT prep assistance for taking their ACT exams. Our tutors can help your child acquire better study habits and successful test prep techniques. We also provide a reliable GED tutor to prepare your child for this testing.

You will find the top tutor in Las Vegas, NV with Sylvan Learning Center. Call us at (702) 706-0129 for expert help for your child. Give your child a better head start by contacting us now.

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Tutor in Las Vegas, NV
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