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Optometrist 7730 W Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas NV 89129 (702) 483-7941Welcome to Nevada Eye Care – your number one choice for an eye doctor in Las Vegas, NV. With one call to our team, we will get you set up with the most comprehensive eye exam. New Clients Call (702) 576-0145, existing clients call (702) 483-7941 . Learn why so many people in the area continue to choose our clinic for their eye care.

From routine examinations to full treatments, our clinic takes pride in providing each patient with the most personal care and attention that they deserve. The optometrists at our practice are dedicated to delivering outstanding care which actively involves our patients in all aspects. We are here to fully detect any type of condition before it gets out of hand, and fully provide a treatment for you. You can rest assured knowing that our ophthalmologists have a full understanding of complex conditions that involve your vision and different body conditions such as diabetes.

After visiting our eye doctor in Las Vegas, NV, we will get you in touch with our opticians who will get you all set up with the most unique eyeglasses or contact lenses. Trust in Nevada Eye Care to get you the best treatment for any condition you are currently suffering from. We would be delighted to have you as a patient and we welcome your call today! For New Clients Call (702) 483-7941. Already a customer? Call (702) 423-1277 to set up an appointment.

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Eye Doctor in Las Vegas, NV
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