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Select Physical Therapy 13801 G Walsingham Road Largo FL (727) 810-3683When you want skilled physical therapy in Largo, FL performed by licensed health professionals, connect with Select Physical Therapy at (727) 810-3683 today. Our physical rehabilitation programs are designed to address functional impairments such as decreased range of motion stability, and posture awareness. Our facility offers everything from hand therapy to acute pain management led by responsive and dedicated physiotherapists.

If you are dealing with musculoskeletal problems that affect your range of motion, it is time to take control by contacting our Largo Physical Therapy center. Our physical therapists can create a physical rehabilitation program to restore your flexibility and soft tissue mobility. This is accomplished by the use of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise so that we can engage weakened muscles and stretch compressed ligaments.

Any job related injury requires proper work conditioning to restore you to physical and functional capabilities so you can return to work as soon as possible. Our occupational therapy program is an intensive goal oriented plan that includes both therapeutic exercise and work simulation activities. This program also includes manual hand therapy and vestibular rehabilitation if your injury involves the hand or inner ear dysfunction.

Experience the difference skilled physical therapists can make when you require extensive hand therapy for a work related injury. Contact Select Physical Therapy by dialing (727) 810-3683 to explore your options for physical therapy in Largo, FL. Give us a call today to book your sports medicine appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Largo, FL
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