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Physical Therapy 1794 North Lapeer Road Lapeer MI 48446 (810) 882-1079Ease musculoskeletal pain with physical therapy in Lapeer, MI by connecting with Thibodeau Physical Therapy at (810) 882-1079 today. As a patient focused physical rehabilitation center, we are committed to improving your overall health and wellbeing by offering therapeutic exercise programs that focus on your individual needs. Our skilled physical therapists create personalized training plans that target weakened muscles and enhance strength and endurance.
Managing your daily and work activities requires prolonged energy and strength that can be greatly enhanced by obtaining workers comp rehabilitation. Our physiotherapy specialists understand what it takes to restore your physical performance whether you require orthopedic rehabilitation or a more challenging Lapeer physical therapy program. We work closely with each patient to construct condition specific protocols tailored to the individual needs of impaired or injured workers. 
We help patients adjust and improve their functional capabilities in order to live more productive and active lives. Our physiotherapists combine therapeutic exercise routines with regenerative manual therapy designed to enhance your physical structure regardless of existing limitations. From TMJ dysfunction therapy to chronic pain control, you can acquire comprehensive physical rehab services from our conscientious team.
End your ongoing struggle to enjoy athletic activities by getting advanced sports medicine from experienced physical therapists. Commit to establishing a better program for physical therapy in Lapeer, MI by dialing (810) 882-1079 for Thibodeau Physical Therapy. Call us today to begin your physical rehabilitation journey.

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Physical Therapy in Lapeer, MI
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