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Orthopedic Care 1025 South Broad Street Lansdale PA 19446 (215) 315-7797Obtaining good physical therapy in Lansdale, PA is as easy as picking up the phone and calling (215) 315-7797 for the experts at NovaCare Rehabilitation. The goal of our physical therapists is to work with you to maximize your body's mobility and promote good health in every patient. Whether you need occupational therapy to see you through the aftermath of a major accident or your kids need fitted with new orthotics, we have the skill and technology you want.

Every time you need Lansdale physical therapy, we do evaluations and come up with an individual health plan. Since every person is unique, we know our approach to orthopedic care must also be customized according to their condition. We also offer sports medicine which covers everything from a preventative maintenance schedule to treatment of injuries. Here at our office, we handle a wide range of problems from the field of competition for many college and pro teams to make sure they are given the proper therapy they need to perform their beSt. The next time you get hurt in a pickup game or on the course, call us in to handle your issue fast.

If you need physical therapy in Lansdale, PA, do not wait any longer; call (215) 315-7797 for NovaCare Rehabilitation today. If you take too long to respond when your body tells you there is a problem, it can get worse. Act now whether it is a simple sprain or you require prosthetic therapy to get better. Get the care you need by calling today.

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Physical Therapy in Lansdale, PA
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