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Smithfield's Appliance Repair 1112 Sterling Place Lancaster PA (717) 208-4311Trust the professionals from Smithfield’s Appliance Repair in Lancaster, PA for all your major appliance repairs.  Dialing (717) 208-4311 puts you in touch with experienced appliance techs ready to help with a wide range of problems.  Whether the dishwasher quit or you require small appliance repairs, ours is the only number you’ll ever need to dial. 

Everyone knows that meat, dairy and frozen foods must be kept at a certain temperature to avoid spoilage, not to mention foodborne illness.  When looking for a refrigerator repair tech, you want one that is able to quickly diagnose the problem and handle the repairs.  From refrigerators to freezer repair, you can count on Lancaster appliance repair team to find and fix malfunctions with cold storage appliances.

In one quick call here, you will be able to take care of many problems from microwave repair in the kitchen to dryer repair and more.  We offer service on many of the top name brands including GE, Maytag, Kenmore and many others.  Are you noticing water on the kitchen or laundry room floors?  Let us come out to provide dishwasher repair and clothes washer repair to stop water from leaking.

The solution to problems with appliance repair in Lancaster, PA is easily found. Smithfield’s Appliance Repair offers dependable repair services on the appliance brands you own.  A call to (717) 208-4311 puts our experienced techs on your appliance problems today.

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Appliance Repair in Lancaster, PA
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