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Animal Boarding 977 Farmington Ave Kensington CT 06037 (860) 515-8937Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital, (860) 515-8937, is the bird vet in Kensington, CT you need to call when you want your parrot or other birds treated properly. Our veterinarians care as much about your animals as you do. We use holistic veterinary medicine to treat any ailments they contract so they'll get well without the need to use any drugs or chemicals.

When any animal we love gets lost, everyone in the family feels the pain. After all, they are such an important part of your family that you are bound to miss them. Microchipping can cut the time they are away drastically by providing you a means to track where they are; give us a call, our staff can help with this service. We are committed to providing complete care for any furry companion, from declawing to non-toxic flea control measures. As an exotic animal vet, we are experienced with treating any bird, reptile, or amphibian you consider to be your friend. We can even help with daycare services and long term boarding so that furry or feathered companions receive care when you are not able to be at home.

We at Kensington Animal Hospital, (860) 515-8937, want to be the vet in Kensington, CT you call for all your pet care needs. Make an appointment today and let us care for the animal members of your family.

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Vet in Kensington, CT
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