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Vet 1231 Kenmore Avenue Kenmore NY 14217 (716) 259-1430Are you looking for a feline vet in Kenmore, NY to declaw your cat? Then dial (716) 259-1430 to reach Kenmore Animal Hospital, a leading provider of necessary and elective veterinary surgery procedures for cats.  Dr. Roseanna Vinti and Dr. Keisha Hawkins' expert declawing will ensure the family cat cannot do any damage to draperies, furnishings or carpets when you call today.
It can be very difficult saying goodbye to an animal you love when they’ve been at your side for years.  However, if your pet is suffering in pain you should call our Kenmore vet to arrange veterinary euthanasia to spare your old friend further misery.  Just dial the number above and you’ll find veterinarians to offer this service and aid you with the sense of loss.
We’re ready to offer your dog or cat regular, comprehensive pet health checkups to diagnose and treat any health issues whatsoever.  We’ll provide veterinary dental care to have a dog’s teeth cleaned, or aid with animal pain management for senior-aged pets.  Would you like to have animal microchipping implanted in your dog or cat?  Call our vets about this quick and painless outpatient procedure today.
Your first and only call for a vet in Kenmore, NY will be right here.  Doctors at Kenmore Animal Hospital will provide the best in feline and canine medical, dental, and surgical care when you dial (716) 259-1430.  Make your pet an appointment now.

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Vet in Kenmore, NY
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