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Physical Therapy 1333 Meadowlark Lane Suite 104 Kansas City KS 66102 (913) 203-1859Eliminate mild to moderate pain with quality physical therapy in Kansas City, KS by reaching out to the trained specialists of Select Physical Therapy. By dialing (913) 203-1859 to obtain dedicated physical rehabilitation services, you can improve your quality of life after experiencing an injury or ailment. Whether you are a post-cancer patient in need of lymphedema rehabilitation or an injured factory worker, we provide the chronic pain control you need and more.
Pain can limit your ability to conduct necessary activities of daily living including household chores and personal care. Improve your ability to maintain a higher level of functionality by obtaining professional assistance from our Kansas City physical therapy consultants. Our physical therapists cater their physical rehabilitation programs to meet your specific needs, including pain control options that reduce chronic pain.
Along with positive motivation to continue progressing along the path to recovery, we utilize manual therapy techniques to establish better chronic pain control. Our rehabilitation center provides precise treatment options including therapeutic exercise routines that support injured workers. We understand how to conduct reliable workers compensation rehabilitation services, including orthopedic therapy, to retrain your body to complete essential job duties.
Gain outstanding wellness care from expertly trained physical therapists when your sports related injury requires proficient sports medicine options. Select Physical Therapy can be reached at (913) 203-1859 when you want to restore your physique through physical therapy in Kansas City, KS. Call today to schedule a one on one consultation.

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Physical Therapy in Kansas City, KS
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