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Car Window n/a Jordan MN 55352 (952) 373-6613When it is time to get assistance on your auto glass in Jordan, MN, you can rely on the expertise of Titan Auto Glass at (952) 373-6613. As a locally owned and operated shop, we focus on the quality of work that we do and the safety that it will be providing. Your car window does more than just keep the elements out, it also keeps you and your passengers safe, and we keep it that way.

With our auto glass in shop service, we know that you do not want to wait around for work to be done, then deal with the hassle of paperwork, so we take care of that for you. We also strive to keep our services convenient to use, so we have auto glass mobile service, where a technician comes out to your work or home to provide the repairs. With our windshield replacements, we only use high quality OEM glass and adhesives, thus ensuring that we do not compromise your safety or the quality of work done with your auto glass installation.

If you need help with auto glass in Jordan, MN, you should be in contact with Titan Auto Glass at (952) 373-6613. You do not need to wait until the small crack or chip you have in your vehicle glass turns into a much larger problem, we can give you value and quality. Call us today for a quote or to ask about our services.

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Auto Glass in Jordan, MN
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