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Physical Therapy 187 South Lancaster Street Jonestown PA 17038 (717) 454-4711Looking for physical therapy in Jonestown, PA after a sports injury?  A quick call to (717) 454-4711 puts you in touch with First Choice Rehabilitation, a team of sports injury specialists ready to treat minor to severe injuries for athletes of all ages.  From postoperative rehab after an ACL procedure to pediatric physical therapy for younger athletes, ours is the number to dial.
If you suffer from migraine headaches you already know how debilitating the onset of one can be.  If the medications you take don’t effectively control the pain, you should think about seeing Jonestown physical therapy providers about natural treatments for this and other chronic diseases.  Our physical therapists treat migraines and offer TMJ dysfunction treatments, arthritis care and so much more.
Whether you’re looking for a sports medicine clinic to help kids recover from injury or experts on chronic pain management, here is where you want to call.  Our therapists will provide one-on-one attention to your needs to ensure proper physical and neuro rehabilitation.  Do you suffer from vertigo or other imbalance problems?  Ask about vestibular rehabilitation by dialing the number below now.
The call you want to make for physical therapy in Jonestown, PA is to First Choice Rehabilitation.  We help you rehabilitate after any minor to severe injury.  Dialing (717) 454-4711 will get you a PT appointment with a certified physical therapist today.

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Physical Therapy in Jonestown, PA
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