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Emergency Chiropractic Care 750 Mt Zion Road Jonesboro GA 30236 (678) 723-8938As Atlanta’s premier accident injury clinic, our chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA offers your whole family the care they need to be pain free again. Call (678) 723-8938 for a full examination and chiropractic care from AICA – Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta. We specialize in treatment for all types of accident injuries, including slip and fall, auto, on-the-job and personal injury medical problems, call now to get the details.

If you have recently been involved in an accident and need emergency chiropractic care, call our office for the leading Jonesboro chiropractor. In addition to the finest chiropractic services, we also offer medical and physiotherapy treatments under the same roof. We are available to assist with your pain management strategies seven days a week, which will allow us to best serve your immediate and on-going physical needs.

Has your recent accident caused pain and discomfort due to spinal nerve stress? We offer specific treatment for all types of spinal disorders, as well as orthopedic chiropractic treatments to handle your upper or lower back pain. Our practitioners specialize in expert spinal adjustments to help with your neck pain due to whiplash or other accident injuries you may be suffering from.

Why delay your accident recovery? Our chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA is available at (678) 723-8938, 24 hours a day. Call AICA - Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta now to arrange your initial exam and quality care.

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Chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA
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