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Orthopedic Care 2784 Meijer Drive Jeffersonville IN 47130 (812) 252-4247The excellent benefits of physical therapy in Jeffersonville, IN are well known. Call KORT Jeffersonville Physical Therapy at (812) 252-4247 to inquire about our successful orthopedic care. We can help you with chronic pain management that will help you function without constant pain. We also offer postoperative rehabilitation, helping you return to your normal activities of daily living as quickly as possible.

Your decision to seek Jeffersonville physical therapy can start you on the road to a new-found level of health and sense of well-being. If you have suffered a sports related injury and want to get back into the game with renewed vitality and strength, our sports medicine program is exactly what you need. We work with athletic teams throughout Southern Indiana and are ready to help you too.

We also offer effective services in industrial medicine. We work with workers comp rehabilitation, helping industries of every size to regain their valuable human resources quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, we are qualified to perform functional capacity evaluations. When you need help, a skilled physical therapist will use the latest evidence-based manual therapy techniques that will help you get back to your normal activities.

Select experienced physical therapy in Jeffersonville, IN. We are KORT Jeffersonville Physical Therapy and you can reach us at (812) 252-4247. For your convenience, we work with most major insurance companies. Make the call today so you can be on the road to recovery tomorrow.

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Physical Therapy in Jeffersonville, IN
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