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Tutor 315 Ellis Blvd Ste 201 Jefferson City MO 65101 (720) 370-4717You will find the finest tutor in Jefferson City, MO by calling Sylvan Learning Center at (720) 370-4717. We offer individualized tutoring services that can help your child excel in school and regain the confidence they may have lost due to poor or failing grades. With a proven process of one-on-one teaching techniques, our professionals help children excel in areas where they are currently doing poorly.

Private tutoring is the answer if you see your child slipping behind in his education and grades. Sylvan helps your child regain their educational standing and grades they can be proud of. If your child suffers in mathematics or English, we have a math tutor to help your student succeed and our reading tutor can teach your child to read above their grade level.

The Jefferson City tutors at Sylvan offer assistance in improving your child’s study habits, including organization and test prep techniques. We also offer assistance to college-bound students who want to ace their scores on the required exam testing. Our tutoring can help with ACT prep and SAT prep techniques as well as help your child achieve a place at high school graduation. However, should your child choose to take the high school equivalency test, we offer an experienced GED tutor that can make things a little easier.

Do not underestimate the power of a trained tutor in Jefferson City, MO. Call Sylvan Learning Center at (720) 370-4717 to learn how our tutoring experts can help your child excel at school. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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Tutor in Jefferson City, MO
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