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Physical Therapy 1705 Highway 78 E Jasper, AL 35501 (205) 530-3305Champion Sports Medicine offers specialized physical therapy in Jasper, AL to help athletes recover from injury.  Just dial (205) 530-3305 to reach our team of sports injury specialists after a simple sprain or any major injuries sustained while playing sports.  Did you recently undergo surgery to fix a knee ligament?  Give us a call to arrange post-surgical sports injury rehabilitation right now.

As we age diseases like arthritis can make our joints feel stiff and difficult to move.  One way to combat these pains without taking medications is to visit Jasper physical therapy specialists able to provide you with quality orthopedic care.  We offer a full range of orthopedic therapy programs designed to help arthritis sufferers have more pain free days.

Whether you’re injured or suffer from chronic problems you can count on our expert physical therapists to offer a treatment that will alleviate your pains.  This means we can provide hand therapy to alleviate carpal tunnel pain as well as provide a complete workers comp rehab program to get you back on your feet after being hurt on the job.  That is why if you’re suffering from any physical pain you should give us a call to find lasting, drug-free relief.

The call you should make for physical therapy in Jasper, AL is to Champion Sports Medicine.  We’ve helped hundreds of patients with their injury and chronic pains.  You should dial (205) 530-3305 to learn how we can help you too.

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Physical Therapy in Jasper, AL
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