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Dentist 989 Ellis Avenue Jackson MS 39209 (601) 691-1301Are you in need of a dentist in Jackson, MS that specializes in children’s dental care?  Then dial (601) 203-0030 for an appointment at Kool Smiles: a leading provider of general dentistry services for all ages.  We can help prevent tooth decay and other problems in developing children as well as offer general and cosmetic dentistry for adults to better the appearance of your smile.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious problems of both the teeth and gums, including gingivitis leading to tooth loss.  The best way to prevent this is through regular checkups and cleanings at a Jackson dentist office able to find and treat minor problems before they get worse.  Kool Smiles is able to provide complete dental care to improve and maintain oral health.

You can count on our trained dentists to treat you and everyone in the family for whatever oral health concerns you may have.  This can include teeth cleaning to prevent plaque buildup and improve smile appearances.  Whether you are experiencing oral pain or just want a checkup, we are the team to call for a caring family dentist now.

The name to remember for a dentist in Jackson, MS is Kool Smiles of Jackson.  We help children as young as one year to maintain their oral health.  Give us a call at (601) 203-0030 for quality dental care for your kids.

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Dentist in Jackson, MS
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