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Vet 888 NW Sammamish Road Issaquah WA 98027 (425) 200-0872Call a vet in Issaquah, WA when you suspect your pet needs care by dialing (425) 200-0872. Pet health exams at VCA Alpine Animal Hospital are a great, non-invasive way to get an update on your pet's health and determine the best course of recuperative action if something is amiss. With wide ranging services such as veterinary dentistry, our facility is the number one choice for many local pet owners, and hopes to be yours. 
Pet immunizations are very important to preventing disease and illness in your new friend. Ask about our kitten and puppy care, a complete package of vaccines and new-home prep that will make sure any health concerns in this transition period are taken care of. Even if your furry friend has been in your family for ages, we can continue tracking his health and providing geriatric pet care.
Routine veterinary surgery like spaying and neutering require a professional Issaquah vet that treats your pet with the highest level of care. You will find such a vet in our offices. From diagnosis all the way up to recovery, your pet will have a professional guiding the way. 
Dial (425) 200-0872 to talk to a great vet in Issaquah, WA today. VCA Alpine Animal Hospital is happy to provide preventive care, a top of the line pet pharmacy, and surgical procedures, all here in your local area. Call now to make an appointment with our patient, caring doctors. 

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Vet in Issaquah, WA
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