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Aquatic Therapy 3830 Shore Drive Indianapolis IN 46254 (317) 395-3904Are you looking for effective physical therapy in Indianapolis, IN?Then be sure to call Select Physical Therapy at (317) 395-3904. We are a dedicated group of highly qualified, passionate and sincere physical therapists who are committed to helping all of our patients succeed. Whether you need intensive aquatic therapy or you only suffer from some minor neck pain, we are here to help you.

No other Indianapolis physical therapy offers you a more customized plan for your specific needs. Through our physical therapy treatments, we are dedicated to expediting our patients' recovery and helping each one to reach their physical goals. We ensure that our patients are receiving the best care available by staying at the forefront of research.

Through our orthopedic care center, we are passionate at getting our patients better and providing them with the knowledge and confidence to stay that way. Whether you suffer from arthritis, neurological injuries or long-term disabilities, we are the ones to call. Physical rehabilitation is our life's work. For our orthotics/prosthetic therapy, we use only techniques that have proven highly effective.

When you are in search of physical therapy in Indianapolis, IN, Select Physical Therapy is the right choice. Simply call (317) 395-3904. All of our therapists are committed to helping you improve your life. We have made a career out of making you get better and stay better. Call us today.

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Physical Therapy in Indianapolis, IN
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