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Physical Therapy 1265 Wayne Avenue Indiana PA 15701 (724) 471-8300You’ll find pain-relieving physical therapy in Indiana, PA by calling Keystone Rehabilitation Systems at (724) 471-8300.  Dr. Aaron M. Salotti is a leading local physical therapist dedicated to providing holistic treatments to relieve chronic condition or injury pains.  We offer low-impact aquatic therapy and more to help you heal and rid yourself of pain.
Many sports related injuries will require that you use some type of orthotics for additional support of an affected limb or joint until you’re fully healed.  If your orthotic device is causing you pain you’ll want to find Indiana physical therapy providers able to help you with the problem.  We have sports medicine specialists and workers comp rehab experts to aid you throughout the healing process, including providing orthotics therapies.
Our goal is to help you live a life free of pain no matter what is causing yours.  Dr. Salotti is a certified hand therapist able to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hand arthritis, and injuries of the hands or wrists. Do you occasionally lose your sense of balance?  Ask about balance therapy to treat vertigo and other like imbalance problems today.
Keystone Rehabilitation Systems is where to call for physical therapy in Indiana, PA.  Dr. Aaron M. Salotti and his staff will create a personalized orthopedic rehabilitation program to fit your needs when you dial (724) 471-8300. Give us a call now.

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Physical Therapy in Indiana, PA
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