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Physical Therapy 17331 E 40 Highway Ste 105 Independence MO 64055 (816) 427-1346Reliable wellness care begins with personalized physical therapy in Independence, MO provided by the experienced team of Select Physical Therapy – South Independence. When you dial (816) 427-1346 you obtain one on one physical rehabilitation services from one of our knowledgeable physical therapists. Our clinicians use a balanced approach to restoring strength and vitality that combines curative exercises with manual therapy.
Improve your ability to complete activities of daily living after an injury or ailment by obtaining structured physical rehabilitation from a reputable Independence physical therapy center. Our physical therapists are fully equipped to meet your wellness needs by creating customized treatment plans that incorporate therapeutic exercise sequences. We help you maintain proper health throughout the recuperation process with orthopedic rehabilitation strategies that increase strength and stability.
Workers compensation rehab is essential for restoring function after a work injury that results in a physical or neurological impairment. Our work injury therapy protocols provide a plan to increase your motor functions through proper training techniques and chronic pain control. Along with therapeutic exercise options we offer superior work conditioning plans that maintain a high level of fitness throughout recovery.
Reach your highest level of physical aptitude by seeking the professional services offered at Select Physical Therapy – South Independence. Simply dial (816) 427-1346 to engage in specialized physical therapy in Independence, MO and combat the ill effects of injuries or ailments. Call today to begin your work injury therapy.

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Physical Therapy in Independence, MO
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