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Physical Therapy 1918 Declaration Drive Independence KY 41051 (859) 538-6516Improve limiting physical impairments with physical therapy in Independence, KY by connecting with the specialists of NovaCare Rehabilitation. With one call to (859) 538-6516, you can gain comprehensive physical rehabilitation services provided by a team of qualified physical therapists. We provide one on one attention to remediate a host of physical deficiencies and utilize therapeutic exercise for effective acute pain management.
Have you ever stopped to wonder what your life would be like without being limited by chronic pain? Here at our Independence physical therapy center we are committed to helping you realize your goals of restoring your body to full function while controlling recurrent pain. Our skilled physiotherapists strive to address your personal concerns, whether you require neurological rehabilitation or custom orthotics therapy.
Regardless of how long you have been dealing with constant pain, you can greatly benefit from physical rehabilitation. Our physical therapists will design a care plan centered on your functional capabilities, including treatments that condition you to meet your workers comp rehabilitation requirements. The services provided at our recovery facility focus on you regaining control of your health, and include orthopedic therapy to resolve painful musculoskeletal disorders.
Why continue feeling incapable of fulfilling your duties when you can obtain recuperative physical rehabilitation services from steadfast clinicians? Get in touch with the team of NovaCare Rehabilitation at (859) 538-6516 and improve physical functionality through physical therapy in Independence, KY. Take control of your sports medicine outcome by contacting our facility today.

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Physical Therapy in Independence, KY
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