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Physical Therapy 3422 South 15th Street Idaho Falls ID (208) 656-3864Your top resource for physical therapy in Idaho Falls, ID is Eagle Rock PT at (208) 656-3864.  Here you will receive personalized care from certified therapists dedicated to helping you recover from all types of injuries or better manage those daily aches and pains.  From workers comp rehabilitation to sports medicine services, ours is the number you should dial now.

A stroke is a terrible occurrence that can leave you unable to properly control your extremities.  If you’re in the process of recovering from such a medical event, you’ll want to speak with Idaho Falls physical therapy specialists about a neuro rehabilitation program.  Give our number a call to find physical therapists ready to help you with stroke rehab.

Our goal is to provide the care needed by all ages to recover from injury quickly and safely.  This means you can come to us for pediatric physical therapy including orthopedic care for children’s sports injuries or find treatments for workplace and accidental injuries too.  Are you suffering from arthritis or TMJ?  Ask about TMJ dysfunction treatments, geriatric physical therapy and other help with chronic health problems by calling today.

Choosing where you call for physical therapy in Idaho Falls, ID is easy.  Eagle Rock PT will aid you by providing individualized treatment plans to help you recover with less pain.  Call us at (208) 656-3864 and schedule an appointment now.

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Physical Therapy in Idaho Falls, ID
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