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You can have a vet in Huntley, IL come to your home with a call to (847) 462-4095.  Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile offers veterinary house calls to provide pet wellness exams, vaccines, and more, right where your pet feels most comfortable: at home.  Simply give our vets a call to schedule in-home veterinary care today.

There is an overpopulation of dogs and cats in many areas of the country, often housed in shelters and awaiting termination.  If you want to help control this problem, take new pets to a Huntley vet who is able to offer veterinary surgery to spay or neuter them.  Our veterinarians offer these surgical procedures along with specially compounded pain meds from our pet pharmacy to help with any post-surgery pain.

Our goal is to provide only the best in young, adult, and geriatric pet care services.  You can bring puppies and kittens in for pet vaccinations against rabies and distemper or find veterinary dental care to prevent oral health problems.  All you need to do is dial our number to find vets ready to provide whatever medical, dental, or surgical care your pet needs.

The only call you need to make for a vet in Huntley, IL is to Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile.  Whether at our hospital or in your home, you can count on us to deliver quality animal healthcare.  Dial (847) 462-4095 to reach our vets now.

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Vet in Huntley, IL
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