Physical Therapy in Huntley, IL

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Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists 11920 Oak Creek Parkway Huntley IL (847) 503-0115Get hands on physical therapy in Huntley, IL with a call to (847) 503-0115.  At Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists, therapists Mike and Emilie Ulmer are ready to provide manual therapy to aid patients of all ages with work-related injuries or other musculoskeletal pains.  You will receive personalized care through an in-depth workers comp rehab plan that includes conditioning to help you return to work without injury.

A torn ACL in your knee or rotator cuff in your shoulder will probably require surgical repair before it heals properly.  After such a procedure, you will require time to get everything back to normal and should get aid from Huntley physical therapy providers specializing in postsurgical rehabilitation.  One call to our physical therapists will provide postoperative rehab for these and other surgeries.

You can count on our therapists to provide quality care to deal with musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pains.  A call to our sports medicine center will provide advanced orthopedic care to aid with joint rehab or care for simple yet painful sprains.  Do you constantly feel pain from arthritis?  Take advantage of geriatric physical therapy for arthritis care by calling us now.

You can arrange one-on-one physical therapy in Huntley, IL by calling Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists.  Mike and Emilie Ulmer provide gentle, hands-on therapy to aid you.  Dialing (847) 503-0115 will help you schedule your first appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Huntley, IL
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