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Nall Daniels Animal Hospital 2829 Central Avenue AL (205) 719-2853Choosing the right vet in Homewood, AL is easy when you dial (205) 719-2853.  Nall Daniels Animal Hospital has been serving the area for more than 50 years to keep your pet healthy and well.  Dr. David B Daniels, DVM and Dr. Ashley W. Ballagas, DVM offer animal vaccinations for new pets, veterinary dentistry care and so much more.

If your pet is in hurt or in danger, you will want them cared for as soon as possible.  The answer to this problem is locating a Homewood vet that is on-call to provide veterinary surgery or other life-saving care.  Give us a call to find an emergency veterinary clinic to provide immediate care for your ailing pets.

As a leading small animal vet, our goal is to help dogs, cats and other house pets live full and healthy lives.  We can provide animal microchipping to help you locate pets that run off along with veterinary euthanasia to end the misery of a friend.  Are you tired of the cat tearing up furniture and draperies?  Give us a call to schedule declawing procedures today.

When you’re in need of a vet in Homewood, AL to care for any pet, you should call Nall Daniels Animal Hospital.  Our veterinarians offer quality care for the animal members of your family.  One call to (205) 719-2853 will take care of all your pet’s healthcare needs.

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Vet in Homewood, AL
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