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Select Physical Therapy 897 N. Homestead Boulevard, Suite 101 Homestead FL (786) 377-4583When you want preventative or restorative physical therapy in Homestead, FL, make a call to (786) 377-4583 for Select Physical Therapy. Our patient focused physical therapists aim to maximize functionality by improving your well-being through personalized physical rehabilitation services. We develop individualized treatment plans to help you reach your wellness objectives whether you require vestibular rehabilitation or intensive physical training.

Restricted mandibular movements due to jaw and joint pain are common concerns that need to be addressed when you have TMJ problems. The TMJ dysfunction program offered by our Homestead physical therapy center is focused on providing adequate pain management and improvement of mandible dysfunctions. Our patient specific protocols ensure you gain the quality treatments that you deserve whether you are suffering from painful ailments or on the job injuries.

Are you dealing with a chronic condition that limits your mobility? Take the time to consult with our qualified staff to establish an applicable treatment protocol inclusive of physical training techniques that result in visible improvements. Our spine dysfunction program consists of therapeutic exercise routines that improve muscle movement by strengthening the spine and musculoskeletal joints.  

Choose a team of experienced clinicians to deliver adapted sports medicine by placing a call to our knowledgeable team. Find dependable physical therapy in Homestead, FL to achieve optimal health by dialing (786) 377-4583 for Select Physical Therapy. Call today to request a visit with one of our trained pain management experts.

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Physical Therapy in Homestead, FL
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