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Animal Boarding 3399 Sheridan Street Hollywood FL 33021 (754) 816-2400Are you looking for a new vet in Hollywood, FL? Then Emerald Hills Animal Hospital should be the one to contact at (754) 816-2400. Our professional and courteous veterinarians always seek to provide the best possible medical care available to our highly valued patients.

As a small animal vet, we offer a variety of services to aid you with taking proper care of your pet. Our animal flea control programs are tailored to your pet's needs and specific environment. Animal grooming is not just to make your pet look pretty; it helps keep their coats and skin healthy and vibrant as well. We offer spaying/neutering for your pets as well, which not only helps to curb the amount of strays in shelters, but can also help prevent some diseases later in their life.

Are you going away on vacation? We offer animal boarding so your pet can feel like they are also on a vacation of their own while you are away and still receive the care they need. If you decide to take them with you, do not forget about animal microchipping, which can help identify them if they become lost. If you have a cat, you may be thinking of declawing them, which can help save your furniture from being shredded.

If you need a vet in Hollywood, FL, then you should call Emerald Hills Animal Hospital at (754) 816-2400. Call us today with any questions you may have for our veterinarians, and see what help we can provide for you and your family pet.

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Vet in Hollywood, FL
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