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Physical Therapy 2600 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights KY 41076 (859) 412-1089Obtain preventative and restorative physical therapy in Highland Heights, KY by connecting with our highly respected physical therapists. NovaCare Rehabilitation at (859) 412-1089 offers proficient wellness care for patients in need of high quality physical rehabilitation. Our experienced clinicians combine therapeutic exercise and condition specific modalities to create customized treatment plans that suit your needs.                                   
Whether you have ongoing pain, stiff limbs, or weakened muscles, there are a number of challenges that may prevent you from achieving your physical rehabilitation goals. By seeking the assistance of skilled physical therapists you can fulfill your sports rehab or workers comp rehabilitation objectives. Our Highland Heights physical therapy specialists will create a strategic treatment regimen that may incorporate aquatic therapy to retrain your body to meet the demands of physical activities.
Even if you have been putting off obtaining general or orthopedic therapy, it is never too late to begin a therapeutic exercise routine. Our sports medicine protocols are designed to get athletes back into peak physical shape by improving endurance while providing acute pain relief. Our facility also offers effective neurological rehabilitation options when nervous system disorders compromise your motor functions.
Restore your body to pre-injury condition by setting up an appointment with our qualified physical therapists. Make a call to (859) 412-1089 to enlist the helpful services of NovaCare Rehabilitation and ensure your physical therapy in Highland Heights, KY is conducted by highly trained professionals. Call today to set up your initial consultation.

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Physical Therapy in Highland Heights, KY
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