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SSM Physical Therapy 637 Dunn Road Hazelwood MO (314) 527-1188Take a proactive approach when physical therapy in Hazelwood, MO is required to restore preinjury motor function. SSM Physical Therapy at (314) 527-1188 offers personalized treatment options for patients in need of specialized physical rehabilitation services. Our preventative and rehabilitative treatments are conducted by highly trained physical therapists committed to providing each client with patient focused care.

It can be a challenge finding a workers compensation rehabilitation program that meets your employers requirements for job re-entry without consulting with a reputable Hazelwood physical therapy center. Our experienced physical therapists can create an effective therapeutic exercise plan that will improve your range of motion and level of endurance. We customize your treatment program to suit your individual needs whether you require sports medicine training or effective chronic pain management.

Along with work injury rehab, we have programs for neuro rehabilitation that can help you meet the challenges of a neurological disorder. Our physiotherapy specialists utilize curative manual therapy techniques to facilitate proper healing throughout the physical rehabilitation process. From chronic pain management to orthopedic therapy, you can trust that our caring staff will address your healthcare concerns.

Become challenged to reach your wellness goals by obtaining qualified physical rehabilitation services from a team of motivated physical therapists. Contact SSM Physical Therapy at (314) 527-1188 to ensure your physical therapy in Hazelwood, MO is conducted by experienced professionals. Call today to learn more about our chronic pain management options.

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Physical Therapy in Hazelwood, MO
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