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Physical Therapy 891 N Eagle Road Havertown PA 19083 (215) 764-3927Are you in need of physical therapy in Havertown, PA to treat sports injuries?  Then dial (215) 764-3927 to reach NovaCare Rehabilitation and let our staff take care of your injured body.  We can provide hand therapy to relieve pain from carpal tunnel injuries, offer aquatic therapy for lower extremity pain, and so much more. Give us a call today.
If you love playing sports but get hurt, it may keep you from playing in games or even practicing the sport you enjoy.  To rehabilitate quickly and safely you should contact a sports medicine clinic able to offer a personalized injury rehab program.  One call to our Havertown physical therapy clinic will put you in touch with a sports injury specialist able to treat minor to severe injuries.
Our staff is committed to aiding you throughout the injury recovery process, offering pain management treatments, strength conditioning, and other care options.  We have a team of experienced physical therapists ready to offer the hands-on care you need, from orthotics therapy for those utilizing leg braces to treating TMJ in adults and children.  From physical injuries to vestibular rehabilitation, ours is the only number you need dial.
Choosing where to go for physical therapy in Havertown, PA is easier than you may think.  NovaCare Rehabilitation will provide the care you require for all injuries and chronic conditions.  Just dial (215) 764-3927 to speak with our PT specialists now.

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Physical Therapy in Havertown, PA
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