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Animal Flea Control 1685 Garbers Church Road Harrisonburg VA 22801 (540) 908-3751Need an in expert vet in Harrisonburg, VA? Then hurry over to Ashby Animal Clinic at (540) 908-3751 for courteous service that will make your pet happy and healthy. Give our well trained veterinarians a try when your animal friend needs help.

It is our commitment to you that has made us as good as we are today. Without our furry patients and their owners standing behind us, we do not know where we would be today. That's why we take great pride in serving our community and have for a very long time now.

Bring in your reptiles, exotic birds, and more. Large or small, we can help them out of their tough situation with our holistic veterinary medicine. Stop your dog or cat from scratching those pesky fleas. We can get back control of his or her fur so they can feel better again. Just after a couple treatments you will see great improvement.

Not sure if microchipping or declawing is safe? Then call our staff and ask all the questions you want. This way, you will be well educated on the subject and decide from there if that's what you want. Call Ashby Animal Clinic at (540) 908-3751 for a polite animal vet in Harrisonburg, VA who can help. Call and schedule an appointment today!

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Vet in Harrisonburg, VA
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