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Veterinarians 241 S. Hershey Road Harrisburg PA 17112 (717) 614-1183Do you need a vet in Harrisburg, PA? Call the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County at (717) 614-1183 for the experienced veterinarians that can help to protect your pet through their entire lifespan. From animal microchipping to declawing, our practice offers a full range of professional services for your pet. Call our office and make a wellness checkup for your animal today.

Animal flea control is a vital part of keeping your pet safe. Fleas are not only a nuisance; they can weaken the animal's immune system or cause disease. Spaying or neutering your pet typically adds years to their life and keeps them from roaming. With our holistic veterinary medicine practice, we focus on the wellbeing of your pet and fully extending their lifespan with proper nutrition and exercise. Our Harrisburg vet clinic do not just apply band aids to your pet, we partner with you in giving them the full life experience that they deserve, and that you want them to have.

Choose us as your primary small animal vet for our skill and compassion. Our dedication to the safety of your pet will exceed your expectations. Of course we care for large breeds of animals as well as small, but no creature is too large or too small for our consideration. When you need a professional vet in Harrisburg, PA, we are the choice to make. Call Animal Hospital of Dauphin County at (717) 614-1183 today.

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Vet in Harrisburg, PA
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