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Physical Therapy 270 Main Street Harleysville PA 19438 (215) 323-5765Grand View Sports Medicine will provide physical therapy in Harleysville, PA to aid with all types of sports injuries.  (215) 323-5765 is the number to dial when you sprain an ankle, hurt your elbow or sustain any other injury in a game or practice.  Our sports injury specialists will create a customized sports injury rehabilitation plan to help you rehab as quickly as safely possible.
Injuries at work are more common than many people think.  If you sustain even a minor on-the-job injury you may want to seek help from Harleysville physical therapy providers able to offer workers comp rehab programs.  We offer a wide range of occupational therapy services when you call our physical therapists today.
You can count on us to treat injury and chronic pains all over your body.  This means you can contact us to find a hand therapists to deal with carpal tunnel pain or seek aid with TMJ dysfunction treatments when your lower jaw is constantly in pain.  Are you suffering the aches and pains of aging?  Ask about our geriatric physical therapy programs that help you stay strong and flexible as you get older.
When you need physical therapy in Harleysville, PA, call us. One of our Grand View Sports Medicine specialists is waiting for your call.  We treat a wide range of physical and neurological conditions using manual therapy techniques.  Calling (215) 323-5765 puts you in touch with us today.

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Physical Therapy in Harleysville, PA
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