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Physical Therapy 322 E. Antietam Street Hagerstown MD (301) 800-7872Are you in need of physical therapy in Hagerstown, MD after a major sports injury?  By dialing (301) 800-7872, you’ll reach Physiotherapy Associates, a leading provider of sports injury rehabilitation services.  Dial our number above to speak with a sports injury specialist about sprains, strains, ligament tears or any other sports-related injury.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition of the wrists and hands that can cause severe pain and numbness.  If you’re experiencing such sensations, you should seek help from a Hagerstown physical therapy center with a certified hand therapist.  Call here to find physical therapists able to offer personalized orthopedic care to help with carpal tunnel or other hand and wrist problems.

Whether you’re searching for a sports medicine clinic to treat injuries or want help with chronic pains, ours is the number to dial.  We have a team of therapists on staff ready to create a workers comp rehab plan to get you back on your feet and ready to return to the job as quickly and safely as possible.  Do you have a child with developmental problems?  Ask our pediatric physical therapy specialists for help by dialing the number below.

The call you want to make for physical therapy in Hagerstown, MD is to Physiotherapy Associates.  We make the care of our patients a top priority no matter why you’re seeking treatment.  Call us at (301) 800-7872 to get started on a PT plan specific to your needs now.

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Physical Therapy in Hagerstown, MD
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