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Attorney 11801 Pierce Street, Suite 200 Riverside CA 92505 (877) 862-9004After a DUI arrest, you will need an attorney in Hacienda Heights, CA. Dial (877) 862-9004 to speak with our experienced lawyer with The Kavinoky Law Firm to get the legal assistance you need. The state of California allows you 10 short days to request your DMV hearing after a drunk driving arrest before your state driving privileges are automatically suspended. Act immediately after your DUI arrest to better avoid the risk of conviction that will net excessive fines, license suspension and possible future penalties.

When you need to hire an attorney, there are many factors that you must take into account. You want a Hacienda Heights attorney that has proven experience as a DUI lawyer, a track record of success with driving under the influence cases and training in the protocols of breath testing. Fight for your rights as a citizen of California by obtaining the assistance you need from our legal team. Whether you have been arrested for a felony DUI or a drunk driving traffic misdemeanor, your DUI attorney will present a strategic defense of your rights while representing you in your DMV hearing and in a court of law. Do not face your charges alone: call our DUI legal team today.

Contact The Kavinoky Law Firm to hire an attorney in Hacienda Heights, CA, that understands DUI law and how to best represent you. Dial (877) 862-9004 to consult with a member of our team of DUI attorneys, and we will create a defense strategy against your prosecution. Do not hesitate when time is of the essence; call today to speak with a representative about your case. We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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