Physical Therapy in Gurnee, IL

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Physical Therapy 15 Tower Court, Suite 235 Gurnee IL (224) 538-3817Injured athletes needing physical therapy in Gurnee, IL will find it at NovaCare Rehabilitation.  Just dial (224) 538-3817 and you will reach a team of sports medicine specialists able to care for any type of sports-related injury you’ve suffered.  From treatment of sprains and strains to complete sports injury rehab and postoperative care, we’re here to aid athletes in healing from any injury.

Work injuries, especially serious ones, can leave you laid up for weeks not drawing a full or even any pay.  Since many of us rely on our incomes, you’ll want to find a Gurnee physical therapy clinic that specializes in workers comp rehab programs to aid you in healing quickly and safely.  Our physical therapists will aid with injury rehab and return-to-work conditioning to help prevent re-injury.

We are able to offer a wide array of physical and neuro rehabilitation services to aid you with injuries and many chronic physical problems.  As orthopedic care specialists, we have the tools to help with joint injuries including post ACL surgery rehabilitation.  Do you want physical fitness screenings for your staff?  We provide pre and post job offer physicals when you call today.

Choosing where to call for physical therapy in Gurnee, IL is easy if you remember the number to NovaCare Rehabilitation.  You will receive quality care to manage or relieve physical pain when you call (224) 538-3817.  Make that call right now.

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Physical Therapy in Gurnee, IL
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