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Island Animal Clinic 8117 Macomb Street Grosse Ile Township MI (734) 984-4608Do you need a vet in Grosse Ile Township, MI specializing in equine care?  Then dial (734) 984-4608 to reach Island Animal Clinic if you have one or more horses in need of medical care.  Dr. Helena Woodward-Ryan has over 30 years of experience as an equine veterinarian offering veterinary dental care, parasite prevention and even pre-purchase examinations.

Horses can be very expensive animals to buy, especially if you’re after an Arabian breed or a Lipizzaner stallion.  To keep these large animals healthy, it helps if you can find a Grosse Ile Township vet able to offer animal vaccines and other preventative services.  Contact our veterinarians about vaccines, animal parasite prevention and other equine preventative care.

We not only treat horses but also many of the smaller animals you have inside the house.  This means you can call Dr. Woodward-Ryan or Dr. Cynthia Kalicki for spaying, neutering and other veterinary surgery procedures for dogs or cats or when you want the best in flea and tick control.  Do you want an easy way to identify animals that belong to you?  Ask about animal microchipping for dogs, cats, horses and more.

The call you want to make for a vet in Grosse Ile Twp., MI is to Island Animal Clinic.  Dr. Woodward-Ryan and Dr. Kalicki are ready to care for all the large and small animals in your life.  A call to (734) 984-4608 will provide the best in small and large animal veterinary care today.

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Vet in Grosse Ile Township, MI
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