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Get professional help with weight loss in Gresham, OR with a call to A Better You at (503) 438-3096.  We provide in-depth weight loss consulting to help men and women drop extra weight and keep it off.  We combine revolutionary Electro Slim™ treatments with nutritional counseling and healthy eating habits to help you lose excess weight and keep it off for good.


While many people would like to lose weight they may be afraid of undergoing any surgical procedures to do so.  One idea to consider is calling Gresham weight loss consultants that can offer non-surgical weight reduction along with body contouring to create a new look you will love.  We will provide you with a weight loss plan and body sculpting that will create the look you have always wanted to achieve.


We understand how difficult it can be to deal with weight control issues at any age.  You can trust our consultants to provide the right weight loss treatment for your body type that will help you see great results that last.  No matter how much weight you want to lose a quick call here will help you find the right weight loss program.


Get in touch with A Better You about weight loss in Gresham, OR today.  We will provide you with a plan that combines a way to lose extra pounds and keep them off for good.  Simply dial (503) 438-3096 to speak with our consultants today.

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Weight Loss in Gresham, OR