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Vet 1 Northern Boulevard Greenvale NY 11548 (516) 200-4471The search for a compassionate vet in Greenvale, NY will end when you dial (516) 200-4471.  The Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group is comprised of a team of experienced animal healthcare professionals ready to care for many pet species.  We have a bird veterinarian to clip wings and beaks, pet vaccinations for puppies and kittens, and many other pet health and dental care options.  Call for an appointment now.
As cats, dogs, and other pets age they may require different medical services to remain healthy.  In situations like this you should start looking for a Greenvale vet center that can provide senior animal wellness care.  From animal eye care to treat feline cataracts to geriatric pet nutrition tips, our veterinarians are who to call.
Our professionals, Dr. Brian Marder, Dr. Jonathan May, and Dr. Allison Villa, have decades of combined experience treating animal injuries and illnesses for household pets. We can provide soft tissue veterinary surgery including spay or neuter procedures or implant animal microchipping allowing you to locate and identify lost animals easily.  A quick call to our vets is all it takes to get your pet outstanding care today.
The name to remember when looking for a vet in Greenvale, NY is the Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group.  We take care of pets of all ages to keep your family’s animals healthy and strong.  One call to (516) 200-4471 will get your pet an appointment.

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Vet in Greenvale, NY
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