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Licensed Mold Inspectors Greensburg PA (814) 708-4362When you need a licensed mold inspector in Greensburg, PA, call TCM Environmental Technologies at (814) 708-4362. TCM Environmental Technologies provides mold inspections for all purposes, whether you need mold remediation, mold removal and sanitization or mold testing and improvements to your indoor air quality. Our certified mold inspectors service all of Southwest PA and Cambria County, including Pittsburgh, Johnstown and Altoona, PA .

Do you have black mold in your home?Looking to rid your basement of that mildew spell?Need to have you old home inspected for all types of mold before you put it up for sale?TCM Environmental Technologies can help by providing mold inspections in Greensburg, PA all week, from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm, and by appointment on Sundays. We will locate your mold, complete the mold testing and sanitization process, and then exterminate it effectively.

At TCM Environmental Technologies, we pride ourselves on being "your mold inspection specialists! "No matter what your mold related home issue is, we do it all! Call TCM Environmental Technologies at (814) 708-4362 for mold inspectors in Greensburg, PA or any of the surrounding areas.

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Mold Inspectors in Greensburg, PA