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Physical Therapy 3535 West 12Th Street Greeley, CO 80634 (970) 616-4596 Do you require physical therapy in Greeley, CO to rehabilitate a severe injury?  Then dial (970) 616-4596 to reach Select Physical Therapy, a full service PT center ready to offer orthopedic care and other treatments.  You can visit our staff for sports medicine therapies on injured joints, get aid with work-related injuries and much more.

As an employer in a hard labor industry you’ll want to find employees with the physical strength and stamina to handle the work.  Before you hire a prospective employee you may want to contact a Greeley physical therapy center that offers physical fitness screenings to ensure the person you’re hiring will meet the job requirements.  Contact our physical therapists to screen prospective employees’ fitness or anytime someone on your staff requires workers comp rehabilitation.

Whether you’re injured or dealing with chronic aches and pains you can count on us to provide the best in chronic or acute pain management services.  This means our team will offer TMJ dysfunction treatments if you suffer from temporomandibular jaw disease or offer a personalized physical rehab program to aid in your injury recover.  Simply put, if you’re hurting calling here will help you find pain relief.

Select Physical Therapy in Greeley, CO is where to call when you’re in pain.  Our therapists offer advanced care for work-related injuries and many chronic pains or problems.  You should call us at (970) 616-4596 and take advantage of the therapies we provide.

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Physical Therapy in Greeley, CO
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